Music for the soul

Hi all

Painting has been tough these last few months. With covid having affected many artists sales, now the cost of living crisis it seems to be one thing after another. As art, to many, is not an essential, a lot of the worlds issues have impacted artists negatively. However to many artists, art is essential. Its’ essential for their mental health and well being, its essential to be able to make a living and essential for them to support their families.

so as you can imagine all of the world issues going on it has hindered the creative process within many of us. So sometimes we need something to inspire us and force the creativity out of us. This album has done just that for me. this does just happen to be my youngest sister, but honestly this album is full of passion, real life inspiration and emotions and honestly is just the most feel good album I have heard in a long time and it has definitely gotten the creative juices flowing again.

So if like me you were struggling to create in this chaotic world then turn off the tv, the phones, escape social media and world pressures and turn this album up full blast. you will not regret it.

You can thank me later 🙂