“Paul Puffin”

Oil on Linen Canvas board £245.00

“Panda Plod”

Oil on canvas £300.00

“Puddle ducks”

Oil on canvas board, £125.00

“Pippa Pufiin”

oil on linen canvas board– SOLD

“Philip Pheasant”

Oil on Linen canvas board -SOLD

“Maggie O'”

Oil on canvas board -SOLD

“Three Bunnies”

Oil on canvas, £290.00

“Three is a crowd”

Oil on Linen Canvas £300.00


Oil on canvas 85cmx65cm framed £420.00

“”Olive owl”

Oil on Canvas board £180.00

“Harris coo”

Acrylic on canvas SOLD

“The meaning of love” SOLD
“Harry Hare” £265.00
a2 acrylic on card- SOLD
“Little red squirrel” SOLD
A2 acrylic on card
“Heather Hare SOLD
A2 oil on canvas
“Harriet Hare” SOLD
A2 acrylic on card, framed
“Hazel Hare” SOLD  A2 acrylic on card
“Hazel Hare” SOLD
A2 acrylic on card
“The wise old hare”

A2 acrylic on card, SOLD

“A mother’s love” £225.00
A2 acrylic on card
“The Runner”  £110.00
Acrylic on canvas, 20cm x 50cm
“When the leaves turn red” £280.00
Acrylic on canvas, 102cm x 76cm